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Hello ChefSteps!

I didn't think the resumator form could really appropriately communicate how great of a fit I am for your job, so I threw this together. Let me introduce myself: I'm Lee and I'm the product designer you've been looking for.

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I was giddy to come across this job posting for a couple of reasons.

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Firstly, I love cooking.  Hell, I've got some artichokes in the sous vide at this very moment. Let me tell you, the sous vide has totally changed my outlook on artichokes. They're a bit tricky to keep from floating to the top, but man, pack that in there with some butter...mmm.

Secondly, you seem like a genuinely cool company and your culture and values come across loud and clear. I want to work with cool people in a hyper-collaborative and nimble environment. I want an amazing workplace, small teams, a culture of learning, and I want to do what I love. I'm discovering that the agency racket ain't working for me. I want to build, shape, and grow products. I want to validate, iterate, and make it better. I want to keep learning and growing and pushing the edge of my abilities. 

Here's a bit more about my background: In a past life, I was a front-end dev. After scoring a master's degree in human-computer interaction from the University of Michigan, I fell into this wonderful sweet spot between technology and psychology and society. Some people call it UX, some people call it product design. Whatever it is, I'm very passionate about what I do. I believe that design is a team sport and making good products is all about collaboration. I love working with people, and if you check out my recommendations on LinkedIn, you'll see that people love working with me. 

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I've got a super-strong background as a user researcher and strategist, and I'm a crack designer too. I know how to figure out what users need, what's broken, how to fix it, and how to put legs on it and ship it. As the user research coordinator at ITHAKA, working with top-level stakeholders all the way down to sprint teams to get everybody the data and designs they needed. With the Rick Steves redesign, I got everybody together in a room to workshop our strategy and roadmap as well as identify metrics and technical requirements. To put together the content strategy, I worked closely with our cross-functional team to make sure that what we built was future-proof and mobile-ready. At my current gig, LiveAreaLabs, I design responsive e-commerce websites that are optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile breakpoints. 

I'm definitely T-shaped, but I'm always growing and learning and teaching. If it sounds like we can grow and learn and build shit together, drop me an email! I'm curious what you've got cooking (haha) and why you're hiring.