T-Mobile Workshop

In my time at Garrigan Lyman Group, I designed the user experience for dozens of T-Mobile projects. I worked directly with clients from T-Mobile, collaborating closely with them to solve problems and create a better T-Mobile experience. In addition to designing the kiosks, websites, and experiences that you would expect, I also facilitated a two-day user experience strategy workshop with top stakeholders.

T-Mobile had hundreds of possible user experience projects and initiatives, but needed a high-level roadmap of how these projects fit into the holistic customer experience. To address this, I facilitated a two-day discovery workshop that aligned stakeholders to a customer-centric approach designed to drive higher customer satisfaction and retention.

01 Setup - Day 1 agenda - diverge.png
01 Setup - Day 2 agenda - Converge.png

We reviewed user research to identify gaps in the customer journey and then brainstormed projects and features that would make the biggest impact and provide the most value to T-Mobile’s 45 million users.

Collaboration really gets it done!

Collaboration really gets it done!

This tremendously productive workshop yielded a roadmap for a 6, 12, and 18 month timeline, but most importantly, it gained alignment and transparency across T-Mobile business units.

UX Roadmap.png